Dedicated HHP contact email

As the number of clients joining up to our Horse Health Programme (HHP) has grown, we have set up a new, dedicated email address to make it quicker and easier to answer your enquiries and queries about the HHP scheme.
For any general, non-urgent enquiries regarding HHP, please email us on and one of our team members will be able to help.
Some of the benefits of HHP include annual vaccination, annual dentistry including sedation, an annual health check, 4 faecal worm eggs counts, a tapeworm saliva test and autumn wormer. You also receive 10% discount on ALL veterinary services and consumables, with a 20% discount on some life-time medications, such as Phenylbutazone (‘Bute’), Danilon and Prascend (which is used to treat cushings disease). All for just £11.99 per month!
If you would like more information on this great preventative health care scheme, please see teh HHP website HERE.
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