Equine transporters

The below transporters are fully insured and DEFRA registered. They are available if you need to transport you horse in an emergency, for routine veterinary appointments or for competitions.

Please contact the individual company directly for enquiries and bookings:

Rangers Transport: Contact name – Vikki (REVN – Registered Equine Veterinary Nurse)
Contact number: 07947 994 303
Vehicle Specification: Rear & side load trailer   Based: Kent  Service: pre-booked & 24hr emergency
E-mail Website

VIP Horse Transport : Contact name – Grace
Contact number: 07921 519 581
Vehicle Specification: 3.5T horsebox   Based: Kent  Service: pre-booked & 24hr emergency

R & S Equine Transport: Contact name – Rodney
Contact number: 07958 643 315
Vehicle Specification: 3.5T horsebox & trailer (horse ambulance)   Based: Kent   Service: pre-booked & 24hr emergency
E-mail Website

Mane Move: Contact name – Andrea
Contact number: 07782 385 131
Vehicle Specification: 3.5T horsebox   Based: Kent   Service: pre-booked & 24hr emergency

Kent Horse Box: Contact name – Claire
Contact number: 07975 997 098
Vehicle Specification: 3.5T horsebox   Based: Kent   Service: pre-booked & 24hr emergency
E-mail Website

Reins Transport: Contact name – Claire
Contact number: 07881 104 576
Vehicle Specification: 3.5T horsebox   Based: Kent   Service: pre-booked

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