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The Practice Standards Scheme – what is it and why are we part of it?

Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic was one of the first equine veterinary practices in the country to sign up to the Practice Standards Scheme. We have been an accredited equine veterinary hospital since 2008.

What is it?

The Practice Standards Scheme is a voluntary scheme run by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to accredit veterinary practices throughout the UK. By setting standards and carrying out regular assessments, the Scheme aims to promote and maintain the highest standards of veterinary care. Around two thirds of all veterinary practices in the UK have joined the scheme, although only around 50% of equine practices are members.

In 2016 the RCVS launched additional optional awards which provide greater differentiation between accredited practices and recognise excellence. Practices can volunteer to be assessed for these awards to demonstrate where they excel and the skills and services they offer. We are proud that Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic was the first equine practice to achieve “outstanding” accreditation in all five available awards. These awards are:

  • Team and Professional Responsibility
  • Client Service
  • Ambulatory Service
  • Diagnostic Service
  • In-patient Service

Why are we part of the Practice Standards Scheme?

Our ethos is to provide the provide the best possible standards of veterinary care to our clients and their horses, whilst at the same time supporting and developing our team. The Practice Standards Scheme allows us to make sure that we are not only meeting all our core legal and professional requirements, but also “going the extra mile” to excel at what we do. We are not content with being “average” – we strive to work at the highest possible level for the benefit of all our patients and their owners as well as ourselves.

You can find more information about the Practice Standards Scheme on the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ website HERE.

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