The hospital

Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic is one of only 27 Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) accredited equine veterinary hospitals in the UK, and the only equine hospital in Kent. It has both a national and international reputation as a centre of excellence, and has maintained this position through a sustained programme of investment in its staff, the most up-to date equipment and facilities, innovation, research and development.

The hospital functions 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. It has stabling for up to 25 in-patients, including stabling in large, well ventilated American barns as well as loose boxes. We also have an isolation block where horses with suspected or confirmed contagious diseases (such as strangles or infectious diarrhoea) can be housed. The stables have rubber matting and are bedded with shavings or cardboard; however other types of bedding are available if required. There are facilities for in-depth lameness examinations, including hard and soft surfaces, and an all-weather school.

The theatre is fully equipped to undertake most types of surgery and our team includes specialist equine surgeons, as well as fully trained and qualified veterinary nurses. In addition, we have specialists in internal medicine, as well as diagnostic imaging specialists who service the nuclear scintigraphy (bone scanning), MRI and CT units. The hospital has a well-equipped in-house laboratory to allow for immediate analysis of blood and other samples for our inpatients, as well as horses in the first opinion practice.

The hospital and its staff offer comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options that are tailored to owners and their horses’ individual needs. Where further, even more specialised advice or treatment is required, then we are pleased to advise where this can be undertaken and arrange for an appropriate referral. We strive wherever possible to provide the best possible treatment, but recognise that costs can limit what is feasible and practical in some cases.

Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic prides itself on working to a high standard of care, both for our patients and their owners, and for our team members. This has been recognized by our most recent RCVS Practice Standards Scheme assessment, where we were deemed to be outstanding in all areas, including client services, in-patient services, diagnostic services, team and professional responsibility, and ambulatory services.

For more on our facilities and the services we offer, including diagnostic imaging, referred cases, surgery, reproduction and dentistry, please click on Our Services.

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