Musculoskeletal therapists

All our vets are happy to work with paraprofessionals such as farriers, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and equine dental technicians. We always encourage a close working relationship between our client, our vets, the farrier and other paraprofessionals to achieve the best outcome for every horse.

When choosing a musculoskeletal therapist, wherever possible, we would advise using therapists that are RAMP registered. If the therapist is not RAMP registered, then it would be advisable to check whether they are registered with a recognised independently regulated group, including: The Society of Osteopaths in Animal Practice (SOAP), The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (ACPAT), McTimoney Chiropractic Association Animal Group (MCA), and The British Veterinary Chiropractic Association (BVCA)

Please ensure that the therapist you want to use is registered (as mentioned above), insured by their governing body and they will work in conjunction with our veterinary surgeons, if required, before booking an appointment.

Please be aware that if you are claiming from your insurers for any such treatment, insurers are likely to request evidence of appropriate qualification from any therapists that you use.

For further information, the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) has produced a very useful guide to help you chose an appropriately qualified musculo-skeletal therapist for your horse. Please click HERE to go to the link.

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