The surgery facility is located in the main building and consists of a large operating theatre, 2 padded recovery rooms and a supply/preparation room. The facility is fully equipped with some of the most advanced technology available for equine surgery and general anaesthesia. Standing surgery is generally performed in one of the examination rooms in the main building.

The five surgeons are each skilled in multiple disciplines, but have specialist interests in one or more areas. We perform orthopaedic, soft tissue and emergency surgery. General anaesthesia is performed by a team of specially-trained vets who have access to controlled ventilation and blood gases monitoring.

A small number of cases may require very specialised surgery that we are not able to perform; in these cases we will refer the horse to a specialist surgeon, or invite a specialist surgical team to operate at BEVC. In this way we can ensure that we are able to give all of our clients access to the highest degree of proficiency in the complete range of surgical services.

For further information on both standing surgery and general anaesthesia.

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