Selecting a stallion

The choice of stallion should be made after consideration of the following factors:

  • Conformation, temperament and size
  • Soundness and freedom from hereditary conditions (observation of their offspring is very useful)
  • Performance records during his working career
  • Temperament (ideally calm and kind)
  • Fertility record – this should be available from the stud manager, however precise fertility results are often unknown
  • Type of semen available – fresh, frozen or chilled? This can have a direct impact on the management, costs and success of a breeding your mare
  • Cost and terms of the stud fee
  • Availability of semen – some stallions are competing through the spring / summer and therefore unavailable for semen collection at certain times

Health status

Due to our increasing concern of the spread of infectious diseases, we can only accept semen from a stallion for AI which has been tested for CEM, EVA & EIA after the 1st January. We therefore request this certification arrives with the semen at the clinic, otherwise we will be unable to proceed with insemination.  This is already mandatory for all EU / foreign stallions, and we will also be requesting this for UK stallions.

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