Lameness investigations

There are numerous causes of lameness and poor performance in horses, some of which can be diagnosed relatively easily and some of which cannot; in more complicated cases, detailed clinical evaluations and the use of advanced diagnostic techniques may be required.

Horses referred to Bell Equine for lameness and poor performance related to musculoskeletal pain will undergo an evaluation by one of our specialists. As well as a trot up areas to allow assessment in hand, we also have an all-weather surface to allow assessment during lunging and ridden exercise. We have experienced nurses who facilitate nerve and joint blocking, with the aim that this is stress-free for horses and owners alike. Our clinic is fully equipped with up-to date and advanced diagnostic imaging equipment, including radiography, ultrasonography, nuclear scintigraphy, CT and MRI.

It is our aim to work closely with farriers, physiotherapists and osteopaths as appropriate so that, through a team approach, we can maximise your horse’s chance to return to successful athletic function.

Many of our ambulatory vets also have an interest in lameness diagnosis and we have the capability to perform lameness evaluation, radiography and ultrasonography on a mobile basis where transport of the horse is not possible or advisable.

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