Autumn Tapeworm Testing

As Autumn arrives and we all start to wonder just which rug we need …. we also need to think about worming!! In particular whether or not your horse has Tapeworm!
If you are on our Horse Health Programme (HHP), a tapeworm saliva test is included in your programme (along with faecal worm egg count tests and an Autumn wormer). Those of you who have previously been part of the scheme, may have noticed in your recent renewal pack that we now ask you to request this test for your horse. The main reason for this is to encourage them to be carried out at the appropriate time of year (and so they don’t get lost!). The barcode sent with the test is linked to that specific horse, so it is important it is used on the horse it is registered to, otherwise we may link results to the wrong horse!
The ideal time of year for testing is September / October so we are asking our HHP clients to email their request for the tapeworm saliva test to Once we have the results through from the test, we can send out the most appropriate Autumn wormer out for your horses’ annual worming. Do please send any queries you may have regarding any aspect of HHP to this email address and as always, if you have any other questions or wish to join, please call the office on 01622 813700 or see our USEFUL INFO section, where you will be able to find more details on HHP.
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