Firework safety

With the clocks going back soon we’re not far off bonfire night and firework season. It is a good idea to find out in advance if there are going to be any firework displays near your yard. There may be fireworks displays advertised in local press, on Facebook or on local radio so it’s a good idea to see if you can find out.

Please speak to one of our vets for advice on how to manage your horse’s anxiety if they have been frightened by fireworks in the past. We have also put together a few tips which may help to make fireworks night a little less stressful:

  • Keep to your horse’s usual routine if possible. If he / she is usually stabled, keep him / her stabled and the same if he / she is usually out – as long as it is safe to keep them out and not too close to a fireworks display area.
  • If they are out in a field, ensure fencing is safe and secure with no hazards such as broken nails or loose electric fencing, and that the field is clear of any objects that they could injure themselves on, such as equipment or machinery.
  • Playing music on a radio can help drown out the sounds of fireworks, but do make sure you introduce this a few days in advance to ensure the music does not upset or worry them.
  • Leaving stable lights on can dull the effect of bright flashes in the night sky
  • Make sure someone is on hand to keep an eye on horses for the duration of any display.
  • If you know your horse gets very stressed, consider discussing some sedation with your vet or even moving them for the night.
  • Always be aware of your own safety and do not put yourself in any situation where you may be injured if your horse is stressed.

For any advice or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us on 01622 813700 where our vets will be happy to help.

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